Personal Goal Statement

My future career goal is to become an officer in the United States Coast Guard.  My interest in the Coast Guard over the other military branches stemmed from my interest in search and rescue operations as well as constantly being on a boat or near a waterway.  As a BSA Lifeguard in the Boy Scouts of America I always enjoyed saving other’s lives without receiving any reward in return.  Therefore, since the Coast Guard did similar tasks on a day to day basis I felt this branch would be the best fit for me.

Having already been accepted in the enlistment program of the U.S. Coast Guard Reserve, my plan is to finish my Bachelor’s Degree in Communications and then apply for Officer Candidate School immediately after graduation.  The Coast Guard Reserves will give me a competitive edge in applying for Officer Candidate School by giving me invaluable experience in the branch.  While finishing my Bachelor’s degree I also plan to become involved in on campus organizations related to my major which will give me more leadership experience to add to my resume, as well as doing community service demonstrating my care for other individuals above and beyond myself.  In every possible way my goal is to truly become, during my time in the Reserves and in College, the motto of the U.S. Coast Guard: Born Ready.