Eagle Scout Photos

I was involved in the Boy Scouts of America for 11 years starting in the Cub Scout progam and transitioning over to the Boy Scout progam, eventually earning the Eagle Scout award. The Eagle Scout Award is the highest rank in the Boy Scouts of America. Less than 1% of all boys who join Scouting earn the award.  The colors in the award represent the following: Red-courage, Blue-loyalty, and White-honor. The scroll with motto and the knot is turned upward in a smile symbolizing the smile of a scout as he does a good turn daily.  The award is the ultimate symbol of leadership

“On my honor”


New Eagle Scout













Eagle Scout Neckerchief













Eagle Scout Medal
















Native American Dancing

During my spare time I enjoy designing Native American Dance clothes and going to Powwows across the country.  These are just a few photos of some the items I have designed and the powwows I have been to.

MS Indian Events Seminar Powwow Feb. 2012









White appliqued set












New appliqued set













Beaded Belt
















LIHA fall Powwow 2010















Natchez Powwow 2012
















Natchez Powwow 2012












NOAC 2012 Top 11 Men’s Fancy finalists and Judges before the “Night of Champions” show












NOAC 2012 Top 5 Men’s Fancy Dance National Champions!
















NOAC 2012 4th place Fancy Dance National Champion































Summer Camp
Service Project Photos

During Summer Camp at Camp Davy Crockett in  Northeastern Tenesse our Boy Scout troop did a service project as part of  helping to clear a trail which had not been in service but was needed as a shortcut to certain sites in the camp.