This section of my e-Portfolio highlights the courses that I’ve taken while at Pearl River Community College.  Click the links underneath each subject heading to see how they have helped me become a better student and how they will help me achieve my career goals.

Math:  (College Algebra, Pre-Calculus, and Calculus I & II) These classes have helped me determine my major and full-filled my passion for mathematics.

Science:  (Chemistry I & II and Chemistry Lab I & II) Chemistry stressed my mathematics skills, along with learning how the chemical world works.

History:  (World Civ. I & II and Hybrid World Geography)  These histories have enlightened me on my world’s history and geographical region.

English:  (World Literature II and English Comp. I & II)  English and Literature have allowed my writing techniques and skills excel.

Fine Arts:  (Art Appreciation I)  Art allowed me to express myself on paper visually.

Social Science:  (Psychology)  Psychology informed me a lot of how the mind works and how other people think psychologically.

Honors:  (Leadership Honors Forum)  This Honors class has brought out the best leadership skills in me to better prepare myself for my leadership role in my future career.