Upon taking multiple mathematics in high school, I wanted a job that had a lot to deal with math.  After looking at job needs, engineering was the perfect career choice for me.  I think it will allow me to express my leadership skills on the job site, and also exhibit my math skills.

After graduating from West Marion High School, I enrolled in Pearl River Community College in the fall of 2010 to focus on my prerequisites for engineering.  Through Chemistry and Calculus I and II, my knowledge and interest for engineering have grown to great heights.  These classes are hard and challenging, but I know that I can only better from these extensive courses.

I will be staying a third year at PRCC to finish up my mathematics and physics and graduate in the spring of 2013 before enrolling into Mississippi State in the fall.  I hope to graduate MSU with a Bachelor’s in engineering, and possibly continuing my education online for a Master’s.  I hope to work my way up the ladder in the engineering world and someday become the head of the crew or possibly the owner of the business.