FeliciaFelicia Stockstill-Mitchell is a college student who is working towards becoming a Physical Therapist Assistant and who will be graduating with her AAS in May of 2013 from Pearl River Community College in Poplarville.  From there, she hopes to be accepted into the PTA program at PRCC in Hattiesburg.  Felicia has spent many hours observing in various physical therapy clinics in or near her town so she could get a better idea of what she could be looking forward to in her future. She hopes to work particularly with children.

In high school, Felicia’s activities were many.  She participated in the Beta Club, National Honors Society, and with her school theatre troupe, the Blue Maskers.  Felicia was a constant name on the honor roll and graduated from Pearl River Central High School with Honors.  Outside of the school she also participated in a local theatre troupe, Picayune on Stage with plays ranging from Little Women (Beth) to a colorful, musical production of Alice in Wonderland (The head of the Cheshire Cat) as well as on a local softball team.  She continued with theatre in her second semester in college when she auditioned for “The Glass Menagerie” and was given the role of Laura.

When she is not participating in plays or at school, Felicia enjoys spending her time writing as it is a dream of hers to one day be published.  She also spends a great deal of time helping her grandmother who is unable to move around as well as she once used to due to various illnesses and spending what time she can with her baby sister.