Many students are excited about the idea of creating a PRCC student e-Portfolio.  They understand the value of having an online tool to showcase their work to employers and admissions offices at four year institutions.  Creating a PRCC student e-Portfolio within the structure of a classroom provides the student with more individualized assistance and feedback as they create a very important tool for their future.  Faculty members play an essential role in helping their students engage in the process of learning how to brand themselves professionally, reflect on their experiences at Pearl River Community College, and relate these experiences within the broader context of their career goals.  A well-developed PRCC student e-Portfolio benefits to the student in many ways:

    • It can serve as a bridge between educational institutions
    • It can allow prospective employers to assess a student’s abilities
    • It shows how a student has reflected on knowledge learned both within and outside the classroom.
    • It shows how the student has connected knowledge gained from cultural backgrounds, real life experiences, and academic courses and related it to a broader career perspective.

What are the benefits for using PRCC student e-Portfolios for your course?

Student e-Portfolios used within a course encourage students to think about their learning in a broader context of their career. Adding course assignments to a student’s e-Portfolio allows them to:

    • Showcase examples of their work to faculty, advisors, and employers
    • Gain valuable skills in technology
    • Gain and demonstrate professional competency

Examples of class assignments that can be easily incorporated into an e-Portfolio are:

    • Journal writing assignments
    • Reflective essay about the course and how the objectives of the course relate to the students overall career plan
    • PowerPoint presentations
    • Create a video
    • Students in clinical labs can take pictures of their work and post examples of their course accomplishments
    • Spreadsheet and database projects
    • Brochures, posters, and flyers
    • Marketing plans
    • Teaching statements
    • Examples of problem solving
    • Public speaking examples (audio or video clips)
    • Research projects

How to Setup An Account for Your Course

Begin by  requiring each of your students to obtain an account by filling out the online Student e-Portfolio Application.  All students you will include in your course account will be required to have their applications filled out and  submitted before you submit your request for ‘Account for Course’.

Next you will go online to the Course Assignment Request form and submit request.  Once your request has been received it will take up to 5-7 days to be completed.

Course Account Completed

When all of the students have submitted applications for their online e-Portfolios and the accounts have all been set up.  A hidden online Course Account page with each e-Portfolio link will be provided with log-in and viewing instructions.

Click here for Instructions for Faculty and Students for Creating and Editing e-Portfolios

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