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Faculty Terms of Use & Privacy

Introduction - About PRCC Student e-Portfolios, Goals & Purpose

PRCC Student e-Portfolio accounts are available to all PRCC students and faculty through the PRCC Student Success Center. While PRCC Student e-Portfolios are not an institutional student requirement, PRCC Student e-Portfolios offer faculty an opportunity to integrate e-portfolios into their courses.

Upon approval of new accounts, the new account holder is issued a pre-defined web space with tools to manage content within specific requirements. PRCC Student e-Portfolios are provided to PRCC students and faculty as an added value to their success and are funded as part of the PRCC Title III Strengthening Institutional Programs grant.

Applicants are required to provide their names and valid PRCC email addresses. Applicants will be notified of approved accounts via email, which is provided on the application form. A PRCC Student e-Portfolio greeting with information and account details, such as user name and password, will be included in the email. Each account recipient is encouraged to keep this PRCC Student e-Portfolio Welcome notice and information in a safe place.

Each Student e-Portfolio account user owns the rights to the content they submit and update on their PRCC Student e-Portfolio website; the PRCC Student Success Center maintains ownership of the basic website software. PRCC reserves the right to showcase faculty and student e-portfolios on its gallery page, unless the owner designates their account as private or password protected.

This document is subject to revision at any given time.

Process, Policy & Procedures

Students and faculty desiring an e-portfolio must apply online for a Student e-Portfolio account and must fill in required fields to properly submit the application to the Student e-Portfolio administration.

Privacy Policy & PRCC Student e-Portfolio Rights

Faculty will be required to follow PRCC Policies and Procedures and the Faculty Handbook. Faculty working with students will encourage students to follow the Cat Country Guide. Pearl River Community College, PRCC Student Success Center and/or Title III waive all responsibilities of plagiarism, copyright materials and student's personal information. By creating an e-portfolio, the faculty member or student assumes responsibility for all contents of said e-portfolio. The faculty member or student will not place copyrighted material on the e-portfolio, unless said faculty member or student owns or has licensed the rights to use that material. This includes material found through the use of search engines, the Internet, or other media.

Faculty members and students are advised to refrain from providing sensitive information such as telephone numbers, e-mail and local home or work addresses within the contents of their PRCC Student e-Portfolios. A Contact form is provided with each account, and its form provides protection against spam e-mail through the use of Captcha. The account recipient is not required to reply to any emails made from the online contact form and may use e-mail communications at his or her own discretion. We request that faculty assist us by encouraging students to keep their personal information private.

The PRCC Student e-Portfolio is a public viewing website within the network belonging to PRCC Student Success Center. Public viewing means that all the PRCC Student e-Portfolio websites are subject to search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Alta Vista, Dog Pile, and others. Each website has its own set of cookies embedded into the pages in order to help PRCC Student Success Center administration monitor statistics in online viewing/usage. The cookies collect basic information such as end user browser types, country, which pages are being accessed, , and how long the viewer is staying on the page.

PRCC may or may not elect to use information from individual PRCC Student e-Portfolios in school or department promotional, news events or training materials. Each PRCC Student e-Portfolio account will be given the opportunity, upon application, for an account to request or deny the use of their PRCC Student e-Portfolio contents for such purposes.


I consent to the use of name in connection with my photos, images or any other documents and or files in which I elect to submit and update within my PRCC Student e-Portfolio account to include the use of my completed account being posted in the showcase gallery.

Indemnification & Hold Harmless

I agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Pearl River Community College, PRCC Student Success Center, and any other assigns or representatives and affiliates from and against any and all losses, claims, judgments, expenses, lawsuits, damages, settlements, demands or liabilities of whatever kind or nature which indemnities may sustain or become subject to relating to any breach of my representations, warranties or agreements contained herein.

Representations and Warranties

I hereby represent and warrant as follows:
I fully understand and appreciate all of the terms and conditions of this release and that this document, Terms of Use & Privacy is and will be subjected to future revisions and that my initial agreement is applicable to any future revisions.

I understand that this release is legally binding and not revocable by me.

As a faculty member of Pearl River Community College, I fully agree with the Terms of Use and Privacy at the end of this release by submitting this in using the Send button.

I have read and understand the Terms of Use and Privacy. I understand that by checking the “I Agree” box below and upon sending this application request, I validate that I am in full agreements with the terms

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If you wish to request a Peer Mentor assistant to work with your class in creating e-portfolios, please contact Leslie Butler ( or Aaryn Purvis (

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