The Student Success Center is excited to introduce PRCC Student e-Portfolios!  A PRCC student e-portfolio is more than a resume; it is a tool for professional development.  It is a place where you can represent yourself to employers, transfer schools, scholarship admissions teams, and peers.

What can you include in an e-portfolio?sarahsmiley

  • Professional Biography
  • Resume
  • Leadership experience, awards, honors
  • Educational and Professional Goal Statements
  • Work and Internship Experiences
  • Published Work (Including Audio and Video Clips)
  • Class Projects or examples of classwork
  • Photos, Images, Artwork
  • Reference Letters
  • Email Contact Information

  What are the benefits of an e-portfolio?

  • Showcase and reflect on coursework
  • Have a professional outlet to share examples of your work with advisors, faculty, mentors, admissions teams, and potential employers
  • Master valuable skills in technology, writing, and professional development
  • Use creativity to represent yourself and your education and make connections between where you are and where you want to go professionally
  • Create a valuable bridging tool for your next step beyond PRCC

Look at samples of PRCC student e-Portfolios to see how you might be able to create your own PRCC Student e-Portfolio>>


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