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Your portfolio will have 5 sections: About me, Educational Goals, Professional Goals, a Gallery to demonstrate your work and a Resume section.

In order to start using the e-Portfolio, you’ll need to log-in here: http://ssc.prcc.edu/wp-admin

We have developed a user-friendly training series that will take you through the development of your e-Portfolio.  After you’ve viewed these files, feel free to get started.  Understand that your e-Portfolio is a work in progress and will take time to perfect.  That’s ok.  As you grow and develop professionally and academically, so will your e-Portfolio!

Below are some training steps documents which you can download and use.  The Technical Training User Guide is highly recommended as a MUST read.  Also here are some very basic helpful links for building pages in WordPress:

Best of luck! …and always remember if you have specific questions or need help, contact us at the Student Success Center!

Student e-Portfolio Training is provided below by clicking to access.

DOWNLOAD> Technical Training User Guide – This training manual is designed to introduce the basic user tools. You will learn to identify each of the tools used to create and edit the e-portfolios.  Media Training User Guide– This user guide is designed to detail how the images or video media is to be implemented into the e-portfolios with user guides.
Content Management User Guide – This guide is presented to demonstrate how content can and should be applied to the e-portfolio websites. User Tips are included. This document will be updated and revised from time to time.

Tips on Creating your

Download Tips PDF file here >>

e-Portfolio Student Workshop Presentation


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