This section of my e-portfolio highlights the courses that I’ve taken while at Pearl River Community College. Click the links underneath each subject heading to see how they have helped me become a better student and how they will help me achieve my career goals.


Summer 2011


Biology  Lab



English Comp I


Fall 2011

Anatomy and Physiology I

Anatomy and Physiology I  Lab

Public Speaking I

Human Growth and Development

College Algebra


Spring 2012

Art Appreciation – ART 1113 – P02

Anatomy and Physiology II Lab – BIO 2521 – P01

Anatomy and Physiology II – BIO 2523 – P03

Computer Concepts – CSC 1113 – P07

English Composition II – ENG 1123 – P03

World Civilization II – HIS 1173 – P07

College Algebra – MAT 1313 – P05


Fall 2012

Nursing Fundemantals

Nursing Forum


Spring 2013

Legal Environment of Business
Creative Writing I
World Literature II
Hybrid Child Psychology
World Civilization I
Personal & Community Health
Mus Appreciation (Non-Mus Mjr)
Marriage and Family