I have loved science since grade-school. I excelled in biology and physical sciences. Geology and earth sciences have always fascinated me. The overwhelming need to understand how things work has driven my enthusiasm for all things science. It just seemed natural to pursue a career in medicine. However, thru the course of my studies it became apparent that nursing was not the field for me.

Having been enrolled at PRCC, I have had the opportunity to experience a full range of science courses, most if not all have reinforced my ability to understand the complex subject matter and convey that information to the students that I tutor. I have also had the opportunity to study many enjoyable subjects, which have enlightened and provided me with a wonderful new perspective of the world in which we live.

In the arena of education, I have developed a special interest in the the studies of history, especially American History. I am currently pursuing a bachelors degree. My goal is to get a bachelor’s degree in Education at the University of Southern Mississippi. I am still considering my options after I graduate from USM. I have not ruled out the possibility of earning an advanced degree. Further classes and more field experience will help clarify these goals.