Pamela Snyder
Pam has been raised in Hattiesburg and lived in the same house since she was four years old. She was homeschooled and very active in 4H as a junior high and high school student. She went on countless mission trips with her church to places such as Costa Rica, Mexico, Chicago, and other places.
Pam is a friendly individual, and has overcome great obstacles to get where she is today. Pam got her GED in 2005 at the age of 17 and began college Spring 2006 at Pearl River Community College FCC. She had to withdraw due to personal reasons in 2007, and returned in 2010 with a little trepidation, but an overabundance of excitement.
She immediately jumped in with both feet into the History and Humanities Club where she was elected the Secretary-Treasurer her first semester in. As time went on she was inducted into Phi Theta Kappa and Sigma Kappa Delta, the two prestigious Honors Societies on campus, and she has held offices in both organizations. Pam also got involved in the campus Student Government Association and was elected VP, and became the President January 2012.
Pam is considered an introvert when she first meets new people, but anyone would say she is one of the most active students on the campus. She loves helping students, and became an SI Leader for English Composition II students January of 2012, and she loves the job and the people she serves.
Outside of school, Pam is a single mother to her 4 year old son, Issac, in addition she takes care of her mother who is physically disabled. Pam enjoys writing fiction, creative non fiction(memoirs), and poetry in her free time. She enjoys music, serving others in any capacity and occasionally volunteers with Habitat for Humanity, and she is a member of Grace Temple Church.
Pam will graduate Pearl River Community College in May 2012, and will attend the University of Southern Mississippi with a Major in English and a Minor in Spanish.