Since I am graduating with my A.A. degree in May, I will discuss my educational goals once I leave Pearl River. I will begin attending The University of Southern Mississippi in August to get my Bachelor’s in English with a minor in Spanish. After attaining that degree I will apply for the Masters Program at USM, and go all the way through for my PHD in English so I could teach any English course from Composition to Literature to Creative Writing. I will then apply for a History Master’s degree and/or one in Deaf Education/Sign Language so I could teach Sign Language in addition to English since I believe language of all kinds are essential to have a fulfilling life.

I believe the more languages a person may know, the more marketable the person which is why I am considering taking the linguistic route into education. With America becoming a more diverse culture, knowing multiple languages would be very useful. In addition to linguistics, history is being made everyday, and every year the history books change slightly, so I believe attaining a Masters Degree in History in addition to English and Sign Language would help me find a permanent placement in the education field. My minor in Spanish would also help market me so I could teach English as a Second Language.