Welcome to the PRCC Student e-Portfolio Online Tutorial.  Across the top of the page, you’ll see buttons for the Faculty Guide and the four sections of the Student Guide:  Technical Training, Media, Content, and the Quick Start Guide, as well as a button that will take you back to the Student Success Center e-Portfolio main site.

Note: If you wish to download a printable .pdf of the Student e-Portfolio Manual, click here.

Quick Start Guide


The Quick-Start Guide is a short, printable reference for the Edit Page buttons and Dashboard commands.   Click here for a printable pdf version or click the icon to the left or the menu across the top of the page for more information.




Getting Started demonstrates how to set up your account and create your own password.





E-Portfolio Technical Training Guide



The Technical Training Section demonstrates how to create an account, change your password, change privacy settings, create and edit pages, and upload and insert media, both singly and in galleries.



Media Training Guide


The Media Section provides an in-depth look at all available forms of media, including audio, video, and images.





Content Manual


The Content Section gives examples and explanation of best practices in creating bio pages, resumes, coursework reflections, and educational goal statements.




Faculty Training Guide


The Faculty Guide provides resources for faculty who wish to integrate e-portfolios into their courses. Click here to download a printable .pdf version, or click the icon to the left or the menu across the top of the page to view the online version.