Sometimes, you will want to add individual images (or other media) to a page, without adding an entire gallery.   For example, every “Bio” page should include a picture of the e-portfolio’s creator.  The Upload/Insert command allows you to do this.

1)     Place cursor in the area where you’d like to insert your image.

2)     Go to the Upload/Insert link just above the text-editing box to enter Media and locate the image you’re planning to use.

Add Media button

3)     Once you find your photo or image, click on it to open into the format as shown below and click the Insert button to put image into your page. You can select left, center or right alignment for your picture in the “Alignment” drop-menu.

NOTE:  as a general rule, photos for the bio page should not exceed 250 pixels in width and should not exceed 300 pixels in height. The one shown in this demonstration is too large as it is 283 pixels in width.

Image properties menu for adding media

4)    If your photo shows up on the page unformatted with the text, you can align it this way:


To align or resize the photo, hover your mouse over the image and click on the small photo icon that shows up on the image as shown below.

5)     Format the photo by making it align specifically to the left by choosing the buttons as shown below.

6)     Move Text Away from Photo/Image – To move the text away from the image,  add 6 into the Horizontal space box as shown below. Choose Update to save changes.

7)     You can resize images. Click on the Advanced Settings tab as shown below to access these editing features.

Click on a percent size below the 100% and it will auto-adjust a proportional size smaller. RESIZING NOTE: Never make an image larger than its original size.  It will look fuzzy and blurry.

8) To delete an image, just hover over it with the mouse and click on the red circle mark though as shown below.