Planning Your Content Before Using the Online e-Portfolio

There are several advantages to creating your content in Microsoft PowerPoint or a similar program before transferring the material to your PRCC Student e-Portfolio.  First, it allows you to edit more extensively in a familiar program, giving you more opportunity to reflect on content, images, and what really belongs in each page.  Second, it allows you to print the e-portfolio, so that you can keep a copy and show it to potential clients, employers, and college committees even in the absence of Internet access. We strongly recommend that you create your content ahead of time, and that you prepare an attractive PowerPoint version of your e-portfolio so you can have print copies.  For help using Microsoft’s Office software, click here

If you do not have access to Microsoft Office, Open Office is an excellent free alternative.  Open Office is very similar to Microsoft Office, but it is a free, open-source application.  You can download it here:

What Is an e-Portfolio?

An electronic portfolio, or e-portfolio, is a digital format for collecting and displaying your work.  It includes personal information, educational goals, and carefully chosen artifacts (artifacts can be digital scans or photos of artwork, audio or video recordings, images of hands-on work, or written documents such as reports, papers, and compositions).

How Are e-Portfolios Used?

  • Showcase and reflect on coursework: e-portfolios provide a showcase of your best work that you can show to potential employers, college admissions and scholarship committees.  They allow you to put your best and most relevant work forward.
  • Online professional outlet: e-portfolios also allow you to showcase professional experiences, programs, awards, and certifications.
  • Receive professional feedback: When you display your work, you will sometimes receive feedback from academics and professionals in your field.
  • Make connections between the past, current, and future: e-portfolio allows you to connect past work and experiences with present activities and future goals.

PRCC e-Portfolios

Each e-portfolio needs the following sections, all of which will be provided when your account is created.  When filling in the information, remember that this e-portfolio is an opportunity to present yourself to future employers, college committees, etc.  Take care and be sure it represents you well.

  • Bio: a brief explanation of who you are, your history, interests, goals etc.  Remember to keep this as professional as possible.
  • Resume: your educational and work history.
  • Educational Goals: your goals for the future.  Be as specific as you can be.
  • Coursework: This page contains a menu with separate pages for each semester you attend PRCC.  If you wish to create more pages or edit the menu itself, please email  You should give some thought as to what work will best represent you, and to what you’ve learned from creating it (whether it’s a paper, a project, or a work of art).
  • Contact: the contact page is created for you, and is linked to your PRCC email account.  It should not be changed.