The Coursework page consists of one page for each semester you have been at PRCC, along with an introductory page featuring the following message:

This section of my e-Portfolio highlights the courses that I’ve taken while at Pearl River Community College.  Click the links underneath each subject heading to see how they have helped me become a better student and how they will help me achieve my career goals.

You may leave that message as it is or edit it.  The bulk of your coursework information belongs in the semester pages.  The coursework is divided by semester not only for organizational reasons, but to help you to reflect on the interactions of courses within each semester and upon your own development over time as you progress through your college career.

For each semester, you should include content, such as assignments, papers, reflections, and other artifacts related to the course.  This is a good place to show your best work, so pick quality over quantity, and make any revisions your instructor suggests.  This is something a potential employer or scholarship officer might see, so make sure it represents you well.

If possible, it is always a good idea to take some time to reflect on your past work, to show your process, what you think about it, and what you’ve learned from the process of creating the product (whether it is a picture, paper, project, or whatever).  A written reflection can have two benefits: it can deepen your understanding of what you have created and can show potential employers that you are capable of understanding, reflecting, and learning from your own work.

Examples of Coursework Pages