Because you are using pre-created templates, the formatting will mostly be taken care of for you.  There are still a few important points to cover.  Because your PRCC Student e-Portfolio represents you academically and professionally, it should be easy to read and look professional.  As such, editing tools like colored text and highlighted text should be used sparingly.

For example, changing the text to red or green will not only make it look less formal and less professional, but will make the text significantly harder to read for those with color blindness, nearsightedness, and other visual impairments.

Changing text color

Highlighting text, or creating a colored text background, changes the look even more radically, and looks even less professional, as you can see in this screenshot.

Highlighting text

Your text  should be large enough and have enough color contrast to be easily read, but should not be so large as to look like the entire page was typed with the “header” setting.

Your e-portfolio will look more professional if you keep the same font, text size, and text color throughout all of your pages.  The pre-made themes will do this for you, unless you change the settings.  If you do change your text size, color, background, or font, be sure you have a good reason for it, and do it consistently.