Your Achievements page is a place to highlight awards and other examples of excellence in areas outside of coursework.  This can include campus organizations, volunteer work, community organizations, and even employment (your list of previous and current employment should go on your resume, not in your achievements).

The achievements page is a good place to display visual evidence of your skills, experience, and education.  Some students will use this page as a gallery to present digital versions of their artwork, some will use it as a filmography to provide still images and embedded video of media projects, and others will present photographs of clinical work, concerts, finished products, awards, volunteer projects, etc.

Three important things to remember about the Achievements page are:

  1. Any images you choose to display should serve the same purpose as the rest of your e-portfolio: to showcase your skills, experience, and education to potential employers, college admissions and scholarship committees, etc.
  2. The images must be appropriate.  See “Terms of Use.”
  3. You must either own the copyright or have permission to use the images.  Do not use copyrighted images in your e-portfolio.  For more information, see “Copyright Issues.”

Examples of Good Student Achievement Pages

(Note, previously, this page was called “Gallery” for all students.  The first page below is a virtual gallery of student art, but the second and third are more typical achievements pages showing volunteer work and community involvement).

Sample Gallery Page

Sample Gallery Page