PRCC students now have the opportunity to archive and showcase their academic goals and achievements in a digital format by creating an e-portfolio. E-portfolios provide digital space for students to conduct personal reflection, plan and set educational goals, document significant academic events, and celebrate learning. PRCC e-portfolios offer students a “cool tool” to creatively present evidence of learning and accomplishments to future audiences, such as employers or transfer institutions. Students can use e-portfolios to take ownership of their learning.

As a faculty member, the use of e-Portfolios as part of your course curriculum is limited only by your creativity. Here are 10 great reasons to use this tool:

  1. e-Portfolios help students critically think about their career goals in the context of their learning at PRCC.
  2. e-Portfolios help students think about their learning at PRCC in a broad context of their life:  family, friends, career, and civic responsibility.
  3. e-Portfolios provide a record of where a student has been, where the student is, and where they would like to be.
  4. e-Portfolios give students the opportunity to understand how individual coursework contributes to their professional goals.
  5. e-Portfolios motivate and encourage students to have plans and goals.
  6. e-Portfolios allow students to reflect on their PRCC progress and assignments in more depth.
  7. e-Portfolios teach students important computer and technical skills that they will be able to apply in the workplace.
  8. e-Portfolios provide students the opportunity to brand and showcase themselves to potential employers.
  9. e-Portfolios allow students to see gaps in their educational or life experiences so that they can make plans for their near-term educational opportunities.
  10. e-Portfolios can be a useful tool for PRCC to showcase top student work to the community.

Note: Currently, we recommend you use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome when creating your e-portfolio.  Other browsers have sometimes made the process more difficult.  Additionally, please be sure your browser is properly updated.

Faculty Resources

To get a feel for how e-Portfolios work, examine how other higher education institutions are using e-Portfolios. Follow the links to see some incredible examples:

The following guides are available:


Steps for Requesting Course Assignment Setup:

 Complete and submit the Student e-Portfolio Course Assignment Request Form.

  • Instruct each of your students to complete the PRCC Student e-Portfolio Application. It will be the faculty member’s responsibility to ensure that all class members complete the application.
  • One week should be allowed for student accounts to be set up.
  • After one week, an email be sent to the instructor notifying him/her of all Student e-Portfolio account links.


Introducing e-Portfolio to Your Students:

Think about how you will introduce e-Portfolios to your class and have a plan for implementing. Consider introducing the concept of e-Portfolio early in the semester. A student building an initial e-Portfolio will need to do so in stages to avoid being overwhelmed. For students with an existing e-Portfolio, you can design your class assignment so that student work can be “deposited” in a certain manner at various intervals.

Here are several ideas for assignments:

  • Process Assignments – have students create draft copy using Power Point; once final approval is given, students can upload content from Power Point to live e-Portfolio site.
  • Reflective Assignments – this allows students to think critically and examine their personal views/philosophies; students can also consider how an assignment/course fits into their overall educational goals
  • Multi- faceted Assignments – this allows students to submit assignments in various stages of development
  • Branding Assignments – students can create scholastic and/or professional image for future educational endeavors or jobs

Many forms of media can be incorporated within your course assignment. This includes Microsoft documents, YouTube videos, photography, art, music clips, film and animation, etc.

Technology Resources

Locating & Finding Student e-Portfolios Within Your Course

  • Refer to Accessing Student e-Portfolio for Your Course. From this one document, you will have links to each Student e-Portfolio account for your course. Open the link for an individual student and click on the tab Coursework to locate your specific course. Students should deposit artifacts to their accounts based upon your course assignment instructions.

NOTE: This link will only allow you to view student work but not edit within the account. You will need to provide guidance to individual students for any edits you wish them to make.

 Online Forms: