This Media User Guide is a generalized introduction to a start up step-by-step instructional for the beginner. Advanced instructions are available from within the user account.

Acceptable Media File Types for Media in e-Portfolios

a)      Images:  gif, jpeg, jpg, png

b)      Audio: embedded from YouTube or Vimeo

c)      Video: embedded from YouTube or Vimeo

Please contact us at if you need assistance on uploading a video to YouTube or Vimeo.

Introduction to Media Area

The Media tab in the left column of the dashboard is where all media files are uploaded for use in pages and galleries.  The “Add New” link will allow you to upload new media to your Media Library.  The “Library” link will allow you to access, edit, and review media that you’ve already uploaded.

You need to upload audio and video files through links to YouTube because all e-Portfolios have a limited storage space for files.  Audio and Video files would take up all of your storage allowance and create problems for uploading and sharing other types of work.