Before you add a gallery to your page, be sure to write a welcome or description or any pertinent information regarding your gallery to help the viewer better understand how the images in your gallery are related to your career and educational aspirations. An example shown below:



Add the images you will need in your Gallery to the Media Library.  You can see an example to the right –>



Locate the Thumbnail Gallery button in the tool bar of the editing box.










The Image Gallery Plugin box will open after you’ve clicked the Thumbnail Gallery button.  It looks like this.To add the images, click on the Media Library drop down tab and click on the selection of images to be used for this.

thumbnail gallery menu

Type the appropriate information in the Title Text field as shown below.  Keep your captions short or they will look ugly and be hard to read.

To add more images just click the + Add Another Image link as shown below.

The images used in this Technical Training Guide are public domain pictures, Creative Commons images, and images which we have acquired the rights to use.  Many are from Wikimedia Commons.  Please obey all copyright laws when creating your e-portfolios.  For more information on public domain, creative commons, and copyright, see the University of Florida’s “Copyright on Campus” page.

always give credit when using creative commons images

Adjust the Thumbnail by Clicking and dragging the image to reposition



Insert the gallery by clicking the Insert button on the bottom left of the Image Gallery Plugin screen

This is what the Thumbnail Gallery window looks like after you’ve inserted some pictures. In the “Media Library” box you see the file name.  In the “Title Text” box you see what you’ve written as captions (keep your captions short or they will look ugly and be hard to read).

When you access the page online you will see the thumbnails to the gallery displayed on the page. See figure below:

Thumbnail Gallery in a Page

When you hover the mouse over the thumbnails, they will enlarge to show the Title of the image and a full thumbnail view of the image. See below for a demonstration:

Gallery in page, close up

The images opened in the Gallery will display full size on the screen and while doing so will darken the background as to remove distractions. You will notice there is an arrow button on the bottom left, which will allow you to navigate through the gallery, both forward and backward.  See figure below.

displaying a single picture from your gallery

Future gallery edits may be done easily by clicking anywhere inside the gray box labeled “GALLERY” on the Edit Page screen to select the gallery on the page, then clicking the gallery button above in the editing tools.

editing an existing gallery

A gallery can have many images in it, and you can put several galleries on a single page.  However, it is recommended that you put only a single gallery per page, otherwise the galleries can overlap and look awkward.