To edit an image, first click Edit from the Media Library and it will open the image area. Then you must click Edit Image if you wish to edit the image itself.

edit an image

Once your detailed Edit Image screen is opened, you are given several editing options to use as needed.

1)     Crop – To use this tool, click it and place it over the image and click down and drag the area that you’d like to keep.  The rest will be cropped, that is, deleted. 

 2)     Rotate Counter-Clockwiseedit image screen

 3)     Rotate clockwise

 4)     Flip vertically

 5)     Flip horizontally

 6)     Undo – click this to undo an action

 7)     Redo – click this to redo an action.



You must click the Save button at the bottom to save any edits you made to the image.




 Additional editing options are available on the right side under the Scale Image and Image Crop section as shown below. Click them to open as shown.  When scaling an image, you must put the ratio into the fields and then click the Scale button to make the change.  Scaling an image allows you to change the size of the image (the “scale”) without changing the proportions or distorting the image.  In general, you may reduce the size of an image without causing distortion or fuzziness, but you cannot significantly increase the size of an image without causing it to become blurry.


image editing options


You can access Additional Help by clicking the Help link at the top of the page. It will open a panel and provide links to further assist you as you work on your e-Portfolio.