Once you’ve opened the Media area, click on Add New located in the left menu under Media; or click Select Files button located under the Upload New Media title. When you click this, a browser window will open that will let you search for the media file that you wish to upload. You can upload .doc, .pdf, .ppt, using the same editing tools as applied to images.

Edit File Information:

You can change the title, add other image information as shown below and then Save all Changes. Providing a description of your image will allow search engines to locate your e-Portfolio.  In addition, captions provide a description that puts your images in context of your educational and career aspirations.

Edit Media Page


Once it is saved, your new image will show up in the Media Library.

Media library

From the Media Library, images can be opened for editing by clicking the Edit link; or deleted by clicking the Delete Permanently link as shown below.

edit or delete image