When you log in to your account the first page you will see is the Dashboard. You will see a menu of content management tools on the left hand side. The following tools on this menu are preset, and will not be useful to you.

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The remaining menu items are described below:

1) Your Name – This identifies that this website is yours. Click here to access the log out screen.

2) Media – This area allows you to upload images, documents, and other media which can subsequently be uploaded to your PRCC Student e-Portfolio.

3) Pages – This area lists the different pages created for the PRCC Student e-Portfolio.  Under this page, you can access each page for viewing and editing.

4) Contact – The Student Success Center will set up this page for you.  You will not need to access or change anything on this page.  Note:  if you want to add a statement to viewers on your Contact page, this is done under Pages (see the next section).

5) Profile – This area contains information about you.  You can change your password here.  Note that no information posted under your profile will be visible to  viewers.

6) Screen Options – this allows you to change the appearance of the editing screen

Student E-portfolio dashboard