NOTE: Most new e-portfolio accounts will arrive with preset pages for you. The following information is provided for those who want to change or add additional pages.

(1) Access your pages by clicking on the ‘Pages’ link found under the Pages tab on the Dashboard.

Dashboard view

(2) Once you access your Pages area, you will see that the pages to be used in your e-portfolio are preset with the creation of your new account.

All pages view

(3) As shown in below when you hover underneath the page Title links will appear as:

Edit | Quick Edit | Trash | View

pages edit quick edit

Editing Pages:

First, click “edit” to edit your page.  The following screen will appear

edit page view

  1. Page Name – DO NOT EDIT IN THIS BLOCK! This area has been set up for you upon receipt of your account.
  2. Permalink – the permanent link for the current page.  Do not edit this information.
  3. View Page – This button, under the page name, allows you to look at your current page in online viewing mode. This button shows the most recently SAVED page.  If you want to preview editing changes, click the button under Publish that says Preview Changes.  Once you approve the editing changes, click Update.
  4. Page Editor Tool Box – This is the set of tools that are used for page editing. They are similar to the ones in other word processing programs. Instructions for using these tools begin on page [[NUMBER]].
  5. Page Contents Block – This is the area where your page contents go. Put your cursor inside the block and begin typing and adding images as needed.
  6. Visibility – This is the area in which you can set a password for the page.  People viewing your e-portfolio will have to enter a password to see the page.  It is possible to have both public and password-protected pages on the same e-portfolio.  For more information, proceed to the next page.