When your account is set up, your e-portfolio can be viewed by the public. To change this setting you can use the guides on the next page

Privacy Options

If you want your e-Portfolio to be password protected, you will create this setting in each page. This way you can choose which page(s) of your e-Portfolio that you want to be password protected.


Once you’ve applied your content and saved it with the blue “Update” button on the right, it will by default be public. The tools for making your pages public or private are located at the top right of the Publish tab.  The following Resume page belonging to Frank Futura currently has “Public Visibility” and is in “Published Status.”

Note: your Edit Page layout may show one column rather than two. If so, the Visibility and Publishing buttons will be BELOW the Edit Text window. Otherwise, the procedures will be the same.


Resume page set to Public

Password Protected

When you choose this option, you can provide a password to the individuals who you wish to view your e-Portfolio.  Click the Edit link next to “Visibility” in the far right of the “Publish” panel. Select “password protected” then choose Update button to make the changes go live.

Note: you should not set your pages to “Private”  mode, because then only you (and the PRCC e-Portfolio administrators) will be able to view them. You won’t be able to show them to a potential employer or college admissions officer at all. Password protection will give you strong privacy protection while still allowing you to use your e-Portfolio.

set password page

Viewers will have to enter the assigned password to access the live Resume page:

Password protected page view