I became interested in the field of Crime Scene Investigation at a very early age.  It was a passion to to imagine different scenarios of criminal cases and think through how to solve them.  It does not come as a surprise with my style of thought processing that I is pursuing this career.

Since beginning at PRCC, I have come a long way in preparing for the job.  The criminal justice classes I have been taking has given me knowledge of what to expect as well as the process I will need to operate under.  I have made connections that will give me resources should I ever need to call on someone for certain cases.

Thus far in my path of learning about CSI, I have become much more goal-oriented.  I am currently working on an associate’s degree which should be completed by May 2013.  From there I plan on going to USM for a bachelor’s degree.  It is there that I will actually be taking the forensics classes.  That should be mostly the only courses I will need to take there.  Once I go through that, I will begin working as a Crime Scene Investigator.