When I was in high school I was an avid computer game player. That being said, I developed a very keen sense with computers. So whenever I got to college and someone asked me what I wanted to do with my life, it seemed obvious that a job with computers would be the best choice.
When I came to PRCC from high school I had no idea what kind of classes I would have to take to assure my goal of getting a computer job. After I talked to a counselor I decided to take basic courses.
     I didn’t know it at the time but the courses that I took drastically changed my view of the world that we live in. While I was in the music class I learned about the way people are inclined to certain types of music. Whenever I took the general psychology class, I learned what made people tick, which was very interesting to me. During my different classes I gathered knowledge that I plan to use very shortly in my field of work.
     My final plan is to take computer courses at USM to become a Instructional Technologist. I plan on finishing the math and other pre required courses at PRCC and then from there going on to classes at USM to further my knowledge in the field of Instructional Technology. The classes that I participate in at USM will help make me a much better person at my job in the future. I plan also to get certified in many different types of computer languages also so I can be very versatile in the workplace.